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Default Project Fi - From Google - The first step towards Worldwide Roaming? - 22-04-2015, 23:02

Right now will only be available for the Nexus 6 phone. Maybe just for U.S. customers, but hard to tell. About $30/mo covers use in 120 countries. Haven't read all the details. Look for independant news postings on the net as well as going to Google site, above.

Make use of T-M's UMA/wifi free calling from any place in the world with access to wifi. I use an LG G6, wife an S7)
A/o Oct 20, 2013 no need for intl prepaid as T-Mobile U.S. includes voice roaming at 20/min (in and out)., unlimited text (in and out), and unlimited data in 140+ countries.

My Plan -[6 lines] U.S. T-Mobile unlimited minutes (incoming and outgoing), unlimited text, fast data on each line. that $145/mo. total! . (In U.S. no surcharge for calling a cell.) If a line exceeds 2G of data in a month, pay $10 more for that line. [That only happens a couple times/year.
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Default 23-04-2015, 00:13

The first step towards Worldwide Roaming? -
Perhaps some of the last steps?

Carriers will either get on the train or miss it completely?

I know it seems early or premature and trainwrecks litter the trackside, but the 'Winners' in the last few decades have started early and become too big to lose.

Examples of winners: Ebay, Amazon, PayPal, Google, Microsoft, Apple----my mind now goes blank.

Losers? All the search engines you used to use. PanAm, Eastern Airlines.
The world is fickle and things change. Internet enablers are the current big thing. Is the internet the last big thing?
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