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little_shoe04 (Offline)
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Default 09-05-2006, 04:41

I am going to be travelling to Naples for two weeks and maybe again later this summer. I am wanting to call back to the states to talk to my family and was wondering which would be better... 1. using a prepaid sim card and unlocked phone or 2. using an international calling card.

I was also wondering if anyone had a good site with information on call back services. I understand how they work im just unsure about the payment. Im just making sure im not going to be screwed.

I appreciate your help, Ive always had CDMA phone here in the state so I dont have experience with GSM phones and sim cards.
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DRNewcomb (Offline)
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Default 09-05-2006, 07:31

I'm in Japan at this moment and what I'm doing is calling home using my laptop, the hotel's free WiFi and a VoIP service: 2c/min, pretty good, no?

As for the callback service, most of us here have settled on If your GSM phone has GPRS (packet data) you can launch a their callback by "touching" a URL. You get access via toll-free numbers all over the world (about 25 countries). Do we have a FAQ on callback services?

I don't see you getting "screwed" in this, no way, no how. What you're doing is avoiding getting screwed. Ask your CDMA carrier about their "Global roaming option". If they have one, then you'll learn what a screwing really is.

Last time I was in Italy was 2004 and I still keep my Wind SIM active becasue it's can be very useful.

The major thing is to really enjoy Naples. Get to the underground, antiquities museum and have some Neapolitan cold cappuccino. Watch out for anyone who's brother lives in Brooklyn. Give us a post when you get there and we'll all raise a glass of lemoncello to your adventure.
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