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aaronrobb (Offline)
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Default Best Simcard to get for trip? - 12-04-2013, 04:23

Starting in Switzerland, then going to Germany, Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic.

I need to pick up a sim card that will work in all those countries, mostly for Data.

I'm flying into Zurich, so is there a kiosk with the best sim card there? Or is it better to not buy in the airport?? Anyone from Zurich know the best place and best card to buy???

Sorry for the noob questions, but i've never done this before!
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gkeeper (Offline)
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Default 12-04-2013, 13:28

Hi because you are traveling to multi countries I would recommend a multi imsi travel sim, I use Piranha Mobile (, good rates and I have heard they will soon be reducing Data rates inside and outside of the EU, the added bonus is that they have Canadian Mobile numbers, the downside is that they are an extra to the already free US and UK numbers, I think its around 1.50 per month for extra Canadian number (you would have to check), but it does make it cheap for your friends and family to call you.

Good luck in your search.:>)
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VladS (Offline)
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Default 12-04-2013, 14:24

You can also go for Telna Mobile as their Canadian numbers are free (or at least were when I got my cards). You can use the link above so that the forum can benefit from the referral credit.

Since you're more interested in data, there's one more provider out there - Europa SIM - offering 100MB/day for EUR2.50 anywhere in 33 European countries, however their prices seem to have an upward trend so you may want to do your research before you go for their product. They use custom activated Vodafone IT SIM cards.

Any operator you use for data roaming will be quite pricey at least until July 1st when the EU wholesale roaming rates become regulated.

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bylo (Offline)
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Default 12-04-2013, 18:03

It seems to me the decision between an international SIM and individual country SIMs depends on things like how long you stay in each country and how much data you'll need.

For instance in Austria you can get a SIM and 1GB data for €10 (~CA$13) that lasts up to a year. With an international SIM €10 won't go anywhere near that far.

OTOH you'll need to get 5 separate cards which is a hassle, both to research and to buy.

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