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Schlips1 (Offline)
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Default Wind Greece - 24-07-2010, 10:50



PrePaidGSM: Wind (Greece)

is stated:
"International Roaming:
Activation € 4.40, tariffs depend on foreign carriers (Foreign network national or international rates +20%)
Incoming calls: same as international calls (see tables below)"

Is there really a fee for activation? I do not remember, that I paid anything for that service (5 years ago with my Telestat-Sim which is still alive) ....

And with the times changing, I think it could be helpful to add some general subjects to the countries and operatator lists:

- Registration: Is it required? What is needed for that? Who may do it?
- International top-up possibilities? (Vodafone / Ezetop / own Sites)
- Validity and type of top up cards? (Wind "Scartch cards" do not have a expiry date for example - but if you buy an electronic top up voucher - they do have one!).

With (for example) the EU regulations, that outgoing calls and SMS to other EU coutries inside the EU are getting cheaper than using a domestic Simcard in many cases it gets more and more helpful to have Simcards from outside the country - and keep them alive.

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Evan (Offline)
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Default 27-07-2010, 12:06

No there is no fee for activating the roaming. All the prepaid cards come with the roaming pre-activated. This pages is very obsolete (at least 3 years old) and the plans, offers and rates have changed a lot since then.

Your idea is very good and would be very helpful for many people. And it would be easier for everyone if the administrators of the site could make a special page for that. Otherwise, the thread will be lost on the back pages.
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