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Default 29-10-2006, 16:34

I have a Compaq iPAQ 2210 running Windows Mobile 2003 which also has CF and SD slots. I'm about to get a GSM/GPRS-capable Compact Flash card, and am looking for cheap GPRS options for web browsing, etc.

I do live in the city, so reception is not a problem, and PDA Internet usage would only be occassional.

I also don't want to spend more than $20/month, as I almost always have Internet access if needed.

I'd probably only want/need it if in the car or travelling somewhere and have no other access.

I currently have a bluetooth-enabled Verizon Wireless phone but cannot find a PPP/PAP dialer to permit me to get an IP address, and I also think Verizon Wireless has played games with the bluetooth on the phone to prevent successful authentication.

Thus, GPRS for the PDA.

We have Cingular and TMobile, plus many MVNOs.

Who might have the most compatible GPRS deals for my needs? My plan would be to get the SIM, leave the phone behind, and put the SIM into the CF card.


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