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Default Tmobile UK - roaming in US may be cheaper than some international cards - 24-01-2008, 19:54

A family member on payg recently visited and made a couple of roaming calls until I gave here a US sim card. She noticed her balance did not go down by much. So, I decided to check the cost. It's 55p/min to roam in the US. I thought it used to be more than this.

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Motel75 (Offline)
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Default 25-01-2008, 11:43

Yes, they've cut their roaming costs -- for example, you can call anywhere in the world while roaming in the EU (not just other EU countries) for 38p/min. The 55p in the US is, despite the exchange rate at the moment, relatively cheap, as roaming in the US can be very expensive indeed.

I wonder if this is a sign of things to come. Speaking for myself, since the introduction of EU roaming, I now answer my phones when they ring in another EU country, when before I sent all calls direct to voicemail. Perhaps the providers have discovered that lower roaming prices = more use of roaming?

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andy (Offline)
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Default 25-01-2008, 15:41

I think it dropped within the last year or so, but can't remember when. I vaguely remember 75p, but could be wrong, and maybe it's happened in 2 stages and was higher still longer ago
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