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Question Prepaid GSM data in Montreal? - 08-02-2011, 07:43

I'm heading up to Montreal next month, and don't want to pay the $10/MB that T-Mobile wants for data roaming in Canada. Any options? In most countries you can just hit the mall to grab a 30 day SIM with some prepaid data on it, but I know from experience that Canada's cell phone system is completely bizarre compared to most.

Summary: how can I get some cheap data coverage for my GSM phone while in Montreal, Quebec?
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bylo (Offline)
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Default 08-02-2011, 22:25

Since no one else is responding...

I'm no expert but I don't think there's anyone in Canada that offers what you'd ideally want.

The two most obvious choices are SpeakOut by 7-11 and Petro-Canada Mobility. They both offer unlimited 2G data in Canada for $10/month, however neither sell individual SIMs. You have to buy a phone to get the SIM. Also there are no 7-Eleven stores in Quebec so you can't buy account top-ups there.

There are Petro-Canada gas stations in Quebec and you can also buy top-ups online. See: Petro-Canada Mobility Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

What to do? You might be able to find SIMs on eBay or even the Buy/Sell/Trade thread on The Unofficial 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless Canada Consumer Page. Make sure the SIM is for PCM, not SO. They're not interchangeable.

Perhaps someone else knows if Rogers/Fido offers anything better.

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Default 09-02-2011, 21:34

Used to go to Toronto 2x a year on business with a Fido sim chip. Prepaid data rate add-ons are now:
Regular phone: $1 day/$3 week/$10 month. All you can eat on the theory a regular mobile phone won't inhale too much data.
Smartphone: $2 day for 20 mb/$7 week for 125 mb/$25 month for 500 mb.
Blackberry: $20 per month.

Otherwise it's a per kilobyte charge and/or per item charge to download stuff from the Fido portal. Caution on Fido is you will have to set up the browser settings on your phone (instructions can be googled on the web or I can post what I used for a moto razr). Or see if your lodgings have a free internet cafe (some limit the time you can be online to be fair to other guests).

Other options are to bring a small laptop (or a wifi capable device) and hope for free or cheap ethernet or wifi, dial-up ISP if you have free local calls at your lodgings (Juno has Canadian dial-ups), or get a prepaid data stick (Virgin Mobile Canada running I think on Bell Canada).

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