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Default Good SIM that works in UK and France, free incoming? - 31-03-2010, 07:17

Hello all!
I am travelling to Europe for the first time in 15 years. I have read the sticky note ("for Americans travelling to Europe")

I have a GSM 900/1800 phone (also 1900, so it works in the US too) that is unlocked and I have a 230V capable charger and a car charger. I actually have another phone as a backup, too.

I need to go to the UK for 1 week, then France.
I am looking for a prepaid SIM that has free incoming in BOTH countries, and a good outgoing rate would be nice too.

I do not plan to do ANY data, not even SMS/texting; voice calls only.

So question 1 is: What is a good SIM to buy that meets these requirements?
Q2: Are there any I could buy when I land in the UK? I leave in a week and a half and I am worried I couldn't get anything shipped to me fast enough.

I need to talk to folks back home on a regular basis but either I'd be calling them on the cellphone and spending a lot on minutes, or they'd be calling an international number and spending a lot on that.

I have a toll-free international conference number, which has a US 800 toll free number and international toll-free access, but it requires us to set up a fixed time to talk.
I was thinking I could point my GoogleVoice number to the (international) cellphone number but they do not allow pointing to a non-US number.

Q3: Does anyone have an idea how I can talk to folks back home in a way that's cheap for both sides?

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