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Vesko (Offline)
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Default 23-06-2017, 21:46

@peterdoo: Thank you for these very interesting news! I had here an old unregistered UK-TM, at least 3-5 years old, and I have activated it this evening.
For my test I have also registered a local German mobile number +491521164XXXX. One call to a Bulgarian mobile number with duration of 0:15:42 minutes was charged at 0,47 EUR. A call to one German mobile number with duration of 0:00:11 minutes was charged at 0,02 EUR (rounded up, I think). So I can confirm this part of your statement.

Incoming calls on the German Mobile number, however, were not charged.
@MBK: I'm sorry, we seem not to pay for incoming calls, at least if called on the German IMSI

I think, regarding phone rates, toggle has became now a very interesting pay as you go product.
Could someone please test the NL-TM if possible? I have indeed one NL-account but have lost the SIM...

P.S. First topup of my UK-TM brought me a bonus of 2,00 EUR. I have nothing against it, as it was unexpected
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peterdoo (Offline)
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Default 24-06-2017, 00:34

You are right. Incoming calls are free when a local identity is used. This seems to be the only difference as compared to the roaming identity, as far as EU/EEA to EU/EEA calls are concerned.

I will not be to a country where a roaming identity is used until August so I cannot check before whether incoming calls are really charged there. According to the EU regulation, they should be free inside of EU/EEA.
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netherlands, toggle

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