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Default Thanks for bringing up ATMs - 16-05-2014, 18:59

Originally Posted by f300 View Post
If you have a card that doesn't have those % for foreign charges (even if is a card from some small online-only bank, but of course without any other recurrent fee) it is worth having it handy just for such things.

There's also the issue with the ATMs - more and more are offering you their echange rate, i.e. you take for example 100 EUR cash and they charge your bank 150$ (I'm exagerating, just for simplicity). It doesn't matter if you have a good bank because they don't see your cash amount, they only see the 150$. For most ATMs you can chose to have it either the "normal" (ok) way or the above way (which is bad and usually default). Make sure you chose not to have the exchange or walk away (if you have the option because in some countries you might not - I mean all ATMs dispense local currency and take USD directly from your bank).
Ironically, 2 of 4 of my credit cards' companies were swallowed up by an ever increasing giant cc company who does NOT charge a percentage fee--and really does not advertise this actual benefit enough to attract people who could and would use it for the customer's advantage. One of my four cards was already with the company.

Having not been out of the US this decade, I have not had an opportunity or previously a need to use an ATM out of the US. Here in the US I do not use ATMs either. A habit then, I seem to practice universally. I imagine for getting cash in a 'foreign' country would be very convenient from an ATM.
Thanks for the warning.
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