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Default Fingerprints to be required for prepaid SIMs in Mexico - 13-02-2009, 04:31

This is one of those laws where you have to check it's not April 1st:

Mexico to fingerprint phone users in crime fight | Reuters

So, to catch a few dumb criminals who don't have the sense to steal a phone (or roam with a foreign SIM), they're going to attempt to collect fingerprints for all prepaid phone users (including all existing users!).

Interesting to see how this will work if you buy a SIM at an independent retailer. They already have enough trouble just phoning up to activate the SIM (often can't get through), expecting them to install fingerprint readers is a whole different level.

Most likely the effect will be to make SIMs only available at official Telcel/Movistar company stores.

This is assuming the law has been reported correctly, and actually comes into force, and is actually enforced (the last step in particular doesn't always apply in Mexico).

I can see now the reaction of a tourist trying to buy a SIM at the airport on arrival and being told they have to have their fingerprints taken! (actually no different from the way the US treats arriving guests, but it's even ruder when it's just a phone company).
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