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Default Rogers Pre-Paid Plan for Aussie traveling soon - Please Help! - 31-03-2011, 13:12

Hi guys,
I have found a plan that seems good enough, but am uncertain on a few details. As you can see I'm really muddled, phone plans are really like another language to me that reading offers any number of times, I am still uncertain if I interpreted them correctly.

* I have an Australian iPhone 3G
* Need a pre-paid plan for use in Toronto

Looking for a Pre-Paid Plan with:
A) International Calls (Canada to Australia) at a good rate. [Good would be under 50c min]
B) Internet - Good allowance

  • ROGERS AND FIDO = plans are pretty much the same (Fido owned by Rogers I think)..
  • BELL & TELUS = Can find no information or addons on International (Australia) rates

Rogers have plans for "Smartphones" or "Voice & Quick Messaging Phone". I think I have to get the Smartphone plan with the iPhone?

Pay As You Go Plan for Smartphones:
Plan Name: Socialite Voice & Data 45
Monthly Charge $45
Unlimited Talk Time UNLIMITED local calling from 3pm - 6pm everyday
Out of Plan Minutes 25/minute for all other times SAVE 20% with Auto Saver
Text Messages Unlimited Canadian text messages
Data Included 500 MB10 + UNLIMITED Social Networking11
Additional Data 5/kB

A) International calls - Good Rates Via Addon[YES]
B) Internet - Good Allowance [YES]

1) International Calls:
(VIA ADDON) International Long Distance ($5 month or $15 month for bonus mins to landlines)
10c min to Australia (landline) / 45c min to Australia (mobile).
Actually, now I'm not sure this add-on is available to Pay As You Go plans, see last point at end of post.

2) Internet:
(IN PLAN) 500MB. Pretty Good.
* Is this the right network for an Australian Iphone (GSM I believe, iphone doesn't have CDMA)?
* Can I make calls?
* Can I access the interenet?

*If the plan is $45 recharge (month expire), do I get $45 credit? Or do I have to buy credit after that?

* Is the International Long Distance Addon available for Pay As You Go plans?
- Originally I looked at addons via the "Add Ons & Apps" Link on 'Wireless' navigation bar. This is where I found the deals for cheaper rates.

- But now, when browsing Pay As You Go plans I noticed a link to "Add-Ons & Other Services". Following this links takes you to "International Calls".
There is no option to purchase the special rates...
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