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KiwiSurfer (Offline)
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Default 13-11-2006, 06:00

Originally Posted by kiwisteve
I think Number portability will just confuse the issue as we have so many ( within the same network plans / deals ) like Vodafone's motormouth PostPaid where there are 200 inc anytime voda / voda minutes .
In many cases you can swap 021 to 027 prefix anyway except the old 6digit gsm numbers will be a problem
Yes I wonder about how Voda and Telecom will deal with home-network calls with different prefixs. Eg a if I had a 021/GSM phone calling a GSM phone with a 027/CDMA prefix would the network be able to tell that the receiving call is Vodafone and bill it at the correct rate -- or would the 027 prefix confuse the billing system and incorrectly charge it at normal cross-network rate.

I'm not fond of different prices for cross-network calls -- i'ld rather it was all at the same rate. Would save a lot of hassle, especially with number portability!


James Pole

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gmmour (Offline)
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Default 13-11-2006, 15:26

It's not a matter of the billing system getting "confused", trust me the billing system can handle things very easily, moreover, NZ only has two providers and this makes things a lot easier! It is a matter of subscribers not getting enough information (which is their right) on what they're paying for each call.

Here in Greece, although the in-network plans are limited (sometimes even to subscribers of the same network with a special subscription), here's the solution they've found.

There is a short code where you can send an SMS with your desired number for free and you get a reply SMS which tells you which network the number you want to call belongs to. For offers that are valid only to specific subscribers of a specific offer, there is another free SMS short code which tells you if the subscriber you want to call is part of the offer.
The local regulator ( has actually forced operators (both fixed and mobile) to provide information on the carrier each number belongs to, free of charge. And that's because each fixed carrier charges different rates for calls to different mobile networks and mobile providers (although their minutes are allover) sometimes have special reduced rates for in-network calling. If their tarrifs make no distinction between destination networks then they're not obliged to offer this kind of information to their subscribers!

Moreover, when you get your (fixed or mobile) call statement, they're obliged to give you the name of the provider which the number belongs to, next to the called number. That's a clever solution.

But anyway, there is no excuse in not offering MNP just because it would cause some initial confusion to the subscribers. MNP will actually bring a lot more benefits than the initial confusion that will be caused (like here in Greece where tarrifs are network independent).
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