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lover08 (Offline)
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Default Tariff combination - 09-09-2014, 04:06

I used this combination

They mean that you can't combine two options
That has Internet. FLEXI without Internet you can combine
With data only, no problems.

I had following experience with lebara:
1) I bought it in advance in Internet. Activated SIM card with 1
Seller sent me username and password for online manager with phone number
2) than I login and tried to Topup from there, didn't succeed
3) I bought 20 Topup code on
4) they email it to me after 1 minute
5) I called customer service 00 49 180 6 532272 (they spoke English) and I asked
To activate FLEXI 100 plus 3GB (together 20) thank I gave him voucher code
And after 5 minutes all was set (I login and saw Internet and 100 minutes
And I get also free lebara to lebara calls and SMS

All worked very good (it is Tmobile network)
The downside was: call to customer service called to me about 1 and not few cents as regular call to Germany.
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dg7feq (Offline)
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Default 09-09-2014, 10:28

Originally Posted by wolfbln View Post
You see, with Lebara I have the same problems as with Lycamobile.

Take your proposal. It sounds clear and easy. Is it really? Let's take a closer look:
Here are the voice packages you described:

And then there are about 100 lines of fine print on the bottom. Try to switch to English language. What a surprise: the small print stays in German

An excerpt of the first 4 lines: "Die Tarifoption ist nur mit Lebara Prepaid-Karte optional buchbar. Diese Option kann nur einmal pro 30 Tage gebucht werden. Die Tarifoption ist nicht mit anderen Tarifoptionen kombinierbar."

in English, this UK-company is not able to translate: "The packages can only be booked optionally on a Lebara SIM. This option can only be booked once within 30 days. This tariff option can not be combined with other tariff options".
you are too fast here, all minute packages can be combined with the data packages.
There is a PDF that shows all possible combinations:

Germany: o2 blue all-in L, simquadrat
Thailand: truemove (phone+sms+wifi)
International: xxSim+372, toggle +44/+49/+41/+31
Phones: Huawei Mate7, Huawei P9
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