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tux (Offline)
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Default 17-12-2013, 15:07

Why do they remark the fact that they launched operations in Italy in November 2013 (switch from H3G to Vodafone, from ESP MVNO to Full MVNO), when they actually began in June 2009?
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rfranzq (Offline)
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Default Lycamobile is different - 17-12-2013, 23:26

Originally Posted by Motel75 View Post
How come their websites - the core customer interface of their business - contain such basic errors? (For example, having to add a zero to the beginning of a US number to log in?)
I think this is part of their general lack of understanding of North American telephone practices:
1. The leading zero mentioned above.
2. Free '800' calls on a cell phone.
3. Free incoming SMS.
4. Lack of hard expiration?

2, 3, & 4 are nice. Pretty much no one else has these.
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Stu (Offline)
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Default 23-12-2013, 00:51

There are a number of problems with Lyca's roll out and I would probably not be satisfied with them with then as my core provider. I live twenty minutes from the Canadian border and have had roughly forty border crossings this year. A solid Canadian prepaid would be high on my list. Toggle Mobile service in Canada would make me a happy camper. I have ATT's iPhone International so all my data needs are covered, but once I leave the Canadian border city the cellular network is not good enough for VOIP Over 3g for 117 miles/188km.
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