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Unhappy WorldSIM and Android data problems - is there another SIM provider with data working? - 13-07-2013, 12:02

Dear Sirs,

Sorry for my English, I'm writing you from Italy and I need an international SIM which has the possibility to have a data profile working with Android.

I've sent to WorldSIM the following informations:

Iíve tried to set up an APN on my Android handsets

Android reads automatically the WorldSIM as a Belgian SIM with an APN (MCC 206, MNC 01), which is incorrect.

Iíve modified the APN AS following:

Name = WorldsSIM
APN = 'mobiledata'
Leave the Username and Password fields blank.
Leave other settings as default.

Accordingly to your technical support, Iíve to change the Belgian MCC and MNC in a suitable ones for Wind Italy (MCC 222, MNC 88 ), but is well known that doing so Android will delete the APN configuration.

Iíve tried to setup a new APN from scratch, but the SIM is still detected as Belgian and the change of MCC and MNC still results in a deleted APN configuration.

This happens on two different handsets with Android, but internet works with an old Motorola phone without Android and my WorldSIM (it doesnít need MCC or MNC in configuration settings).
I believe that thereís a compatibility issue between Android and WorldSIM, because if I try to put different Italian SIMs in my Android handset it automatically detects the SIMís nationality, APN, MCC and MNC.
Itís only difficulty to do so with H3G Italy, but H3G has released an Android App which detects an H3G SIM and automatically configures Androidís APN.

I have send a request tho the WorldSIM's support, supposing a compatibility issue and suggesting to upgrade the SIM or to release an App. They have obviously closed the ticket, telling me

We really apologize for the inconvenience you are facing at the moment. As you have mentioned, you can start using the internet with your Motorolla handset or you can try any other unlocked handset.
Any Idea on how I can solve the Android issue?

If it will not possible I'll close my World SIM. Do you know any International SIM that has calls, sms and data working on Android?

Ii there's notthing else I can do, it's time to change....

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