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Default 02-01-2013, 20:22

Originally Posted by rfranzq View Post
Are you sure you have 4G?
Yes you are right the tablet has 2G and 3G cababilities

Thanks for the various suggestions
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Default 02-01-2013, 23:30

You shoud be aware that what T-Mobile USA calls 3G and 4G is in fact the very same network using the same radio technology called UMTS, which originally provided data rates of just 0.384 MBit/s but was increased over the time using backward-compatible enhanced data transmission modes called HSPA and HSPA+. At some point T-Mobile decided that, despite everybody else calls UMTS networks "3G" regardless of which HSPA category has been implemented, they should market their network as 4G where it supports 42 MBit/s. Unfortunately they were even ablte to convince the ITU to accept this misnomer.
That said your Galaxy Tablet will work flawlessly on what T-Mobile calls a 4G network, you will simply not get more than 21 MBit/s because your device doesn't support more. Even if it supported those 42 Mbit/s I doubt you would observe a difference as long as you don't start huge downloads in the middle of the night when the local network is uncongested.
The real fourth generation technology which deserves to be called 4G is LTE which at this time is still pretty immature and at this time offers little to no advantage over UMTS. So don't get fooled by the worldwide 4G hype.

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Default Other Possibilities - 02-01-2013, 23:34

Depending on how soon you need this, there is supposed to be another option this 'January'.
Ultra Mobile's Ultra rate is [supposedly as found in their printed material] 4.9c/MB for data.

I am working on a post for here about 5 newish T-Mobile MVNOs.
One reason I am holding back is one is supposed to have PAYGO in 'January'. With 4.9c/MB data.
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Default 20-02-2013, 05:17

Originally Posted by Stu View Post
Remember that with TMobile, it is $100 for the first year and $10 for every year thereafter. Truphone isn't a bad idea. Another idea (and again it turns on consumption) is a portable hotspot device from Ting uses CDMA (EVDO and WiMax or LTE) so you'll need the hotspot. You can't simply pop the SIM in the Galaxy.

Truphone isn't a bad deal.
And TM is only 100 if you want gold status otherwise you can pay less.
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