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Default 28-09-2011, 13:41

Try to use a translation service, such as Google Translate/
or Bing Translator on the following pages. The translation was reasonable. If you can't translate directly from my links open the Hebrew pages and copy the link from the adress window to the translation window.

Orange BigTalk:
????? Prepaid - Orange bigtalk
????? ?????? ????? ?? Orange bigtalk
Orange ????? ?????? ????

Pelephone Talk & Go:
Pelephone|פלאפון|פלאפון Talk & Go | תוכניות ומצבעים ברשת פלאפון
Pelephone|פלאפון|אודות המסלול
Pelephone|פלאפון|כרטיסי Talk & Go

Cellcom Talkman:
????? ?????? ??????
?????? ????? - ?????
?????? ????? - ?????

There is another cellular provider in Israel – Mirs. However this company uses iDEN technology whch requires a special handset, and I see no reason to buy one. Anyway, Mirs handsets, as well as Orange BigTalk SIM cards may be found at post offices.

Pelephone has the cheapest prepaid voice prices and their data network is the fastest in the country. However, note the unusual frequency combination which may limit coverage if your handset or modem does not support both frequencies, at least out of cities, and I was not able to find their prepeid data retes.

Also note that for some reason Google translator translates "Agorot" (NIS 0.01") as "cents". Don't worry, the price of a text message in Orange Bigtalk is 68 Agorot (about USD 0.18 or EUR 0.13) etc.

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