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Default 27-07-2011, 01:08

Originally Posted by davidtheprof View Post
going to be on a 7 night Caribbean cruise at the end of the year, including Mexico,
As a reminder AT&T prepaid 'GoPhone' has 25cents a minute rates from Mexico [and 25cent SMS send/20cents receive]. That SIM would only work in Mexico so YMWV.

Originally Posted by davidtheprof View Post
Tru sim seems to have generally better rates around the region. Better than my old Geosim, anyway!
I am quite pleased with my Tru SIMs. If the rates are OK with you and it works where you are going that is great. Makes a good secondary US SIM also. About 10 months ago I was on a Mexico cruise and was able to receive SMS on the ship at sea with my Tru SIM. [free rreceive]. I was too cheap to test what its per minute call rates and SMS send rates were. You could test them!
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Default 27-07-2011, 06:03

On my single trip on a cruise ship I forwarded all my incoming calls to voicemail leaving a message telling callers to text me or leave a numeric page. I never found it necessary to place or receive calls at sea.
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Default 27-07-2011, 13:57

On my Regent Baltic cruise, I used straight SIP and it worked. Given what they charge (by the minute) for cruise ship internet, I'm shocked that they block VOIP. Oh well, anyway to gouge you

I found IAX2 is blocked less than Skype/SIP and fring. TMobile USA's UMA protocol is very hard to distinguish if IPSEC. It is a subspecies of IPSEC and looks similar to a commercial VPN. There are also very few subscribers so it lacks the critical mass needed for the blocking technology companies to invest much time in. If you have a iPhone, VOIPBuster has a VOIP app designed to work in the Middle East. VBuzzer has an Android App designed for the Middle East. SIP Droid on an Android running through a free VPN courtesy of works nicely with a free Google Voice account for free calls.
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