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traveler2009 (Offline)
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Default Pre-paid in Nova Scotia - 02-06-2009, 17:10

I go on vacation to Nova Scotia for six weeks each summer. What are the best options for getting Internet connectivity via my laptop during that time?
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bylo (Offline)
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Default 03-06-2009, 13:08

Probably WiFi if there are hotspots near you, especially free ones. For 6 weeks a year it doesn't make sense to set up an account with an ISP. And if you use a cell data plan to*roam you'll pay through the nose.

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Stu (Offline)
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Default 03-06-2009, 22:15

Sprint has a data card for $110 a month which includes 5 gigs of Canadian data. You can buy a Sprint card off e-bay and go month to month. It will cost you $10 more a month to go this route. This is not the cheapest route, but it may work for you.

First, you need to determine who has coverage near you and whether you have good data there. If you are paying $220 for 1RXTTT ($300 counting the card), you might not be satisfied.

Bylo or Vlad can correct me, but I have not found any good prepaid data card deals in Canada. Both Verizon and Sprint have 5 gig deals. I'm not sure whether they roam on Bell Canada or Telus, or both. There is also a regional CDMA provider in Nova Scotia, but I don't know much about it.
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GadgetKen (Offline)
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Default 05-06-2009, 22:44

A thought although it's a bit slow:
Try a dial-up ISP that has access in both the US and Canada if you are staying at a place that gives you unlimited free local calls. Possibly Juno for US$10/month...a quick check showed 3 access numbers in Halifax if that's a local call for you. They also have a free ad-supported version that gives only 10 hours/month. There are also some world dial-up providers that you buy a block of prepaid time from. Yeah, this is all slow dial-up, but if you are using mostly for email and light surfing, it might work.

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PhotoJim (Offline)
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Default 06-06-2009, 00:57

The Atlantic Canadian provider is Aliant, which is now owned by Bell. I don't know if Telus has much if any of its own towers up; service is primarily via roaming on Aliant/Bell.

I agree that there are precious few prepaid data options here. Postpaid data is cheaper than in the US; prepaid is terrible.

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