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Default 29-01-2009, 03:16

Not to deviate, but I thought I'd mention a few more positive and negative things about maxroam. They are probably already in the "maxroam review" thread.

- The caller ID that shows when you call someone is the DID. And not the Israeli number. This is a positive in my opinion.
- All calls get charged. A min os 1 min is charged since you get charged as soon as you answer the callback
-I cannot check my balance from the sim menu on the phone. And online, it takes at least a day for the call history to show up. Balance online is updated right away though.
-The missed call sms no longer works for me.

Originally Posted by Grampa View Post
Sorry for the exaggeration. I tested this out by forwarding the maxroam number to my UM sim, a card with country code 44 (Jersey), and the call quality was very good. Unfortunately, UM charged me about $3 for that test to receive the call in the U.S.

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Default 09-02-2009, 05:56

Originally Posted by snidely View Post
You are in the U.S.? If so, and you are a T-Mobile customer, you can use one of their UMA capable phones to connect to a wi-fi connection anywhere in the world. The minutes used would come out of your minute bucket (or you can pay $10/mo. for unlimited minutes while connected by UMA/wifi.
Don't need to be a Tmo customer if you have access to Wifi/Internet with decent bandwidth (say at least 200kbs), as there are many VOIP choices out there. The biggie of course is Skype and it is brilliant. It will run on any WinMo phone with Wifi (as well as a laptop), and they now have a Java client (supposedly works on many other phones).Its very cheap (unlimited to US for $3/mo or $10 for 500 minutes). So yeah, if you have Wifi/Internet, no need for any of these expensive int'l sims...
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