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Default 19-01-2007, 12:41

Originally Posted by Przemolog View Post
Hmm, I think that each operator sends full CID (i.e. with +4 everywhere, but Orange and Plus just cut it before reaching the particular SIM (even a foreign one, roaming in Poland).
Oh, yes, this might be a reason. Anyway, parsing an incoming CID is a sort of unusual and strange thing for telephony, AFAIK, even though these operators should use direct channels to each other, so they always aware of where a call is originating from.

Originally Posted by Przemolog View Post
Anyway, CID format shouldn't affect outgoing calls in international SIMs since their callback features are based on USSD or SMS, not CID.
It should in some way. Look, I use Travelsim in Poland and get a call from Poland on it. I see a number without +48, right? Then I try to call it back (suppose I'm a normal user and do not know what +48 is) using USSD or their SIM menu or pseudo direct calling that in fact uses USSD and... the call will not be placed, right? The Estonian switch should be really intellectual to figure out that it's a call without prefix, so, well, it's going from Poland, so let's add +48 to the number and keep the call processing with +48 added. I bet it won't work. The similar thing does not work for Russia, for example (it says Wrong number when I try to call a Russian number without +7 from Russia).

Originally Posted by Przemolog View Post
But, as long as "native" SMSC is used, national prefix isn't really necessary for sending SMSes.
You are right, it's not about SMS, it's mostly about 'normal' roaming. By the way, it's almost the only sort of roaming used on Russian SIMs (except of Tele2 Russia). Since Russian international dialing prefix is 810..., people keeping numbers in local format have no chances to call home from Europe (you must be a GSM addict to know that you should either add +7 or 007 to the number you are dialing and cut off 810 if it exists ).

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