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Originally Posted by 0700700

still waiting for andys feedback thou? :meh:
about what? - you asked for cheap ways to call 09 mobile - I said Call18866, and pointed out that the 2p/min I quoted applied to the CS landline number not mobiles

this isn't really the forum to discuss a wide range of cheap call providers in UK, especially after you cast doubts on other remarks I've made, including about O2 payg tariffs

There are several cheap call providers for FL mobile, but not as many as for other countries. The problems are that some account-based ones do not cover it (various Finarea companies - 1899, 18866, 18185). Others methods do, but use carriers that are not 100% reliable (many of the 0871 callthrough numbers) - and others have migrated to higher tariffs. And some mobile call-through numbers (eg on 07744 number) have discontinued it as their revenue could not cover the higher cost. If you can use VoIP at home, look at some of the Finarea operations - about 7p to 10p per minute. And you could use Enlinea or CBW of course; Enlinea's 12c charge from US is equivalent to about 7p, and you can call there for 0.5p to 2p per minute. Or use their UK 0800 number and PIN for 11p per minute.

All of this apart though, the UK mobile networks have good tariffs for either direct to foreign mobiles (Orange, O2 ITS), or 0871 call-through numbers (T-mobile [?] and 3) of 10p to 20p per minute. There was a loophole/paradox of one providers 0871 number not working, but its 0844 number did, supporting a suspicion they defined it as a landline number (or were using different carriers for the two numbers), but the last two times I attempted this it didn't work. But again, I use an 0844 number to reach the Enlinea routing number, and this is from the inclusive minutes on O2, so 7p/min on top.

I want to see more VoIP providers doing call diversion, as you could use this from a mobile - use your incoming number to divert out again, without any PC use - or also possible with other hardware at home - but some of these have raised tariffs to FL mobile a lot.
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