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Originally Posted by andy
Then how is China 0.9p? - with inclusive minutes and calling card? - then why not compare like with like?

In fact both Liechtenstein and China mobiles can be reached from inclusive minutes on O2
although it has nothing to do with GT-SIM (the original subject of this thread), just my 2 cents regarding this Riiing-discussion: you have to keep in mind that in Liechtenstein, there are two different mobile "routes": the "normal ones", like FL1 (+42379...) and a more expensive one ("+423 663"). As far as I darkly remember, the selling-rates for calls to +423 663 is little bit less than 29 Eurocent. This means, if an operator offers "+423 663" for less than 29 Cent, then he can not cover the charges, he has to pay additionally money, which he does not get back from the caller. When he offers "+423 663" for more than 29 Cent, than he earns. This means, "+423 663" is an international "premium number", more expensive than other mobile numbers. And this is, why Riiing can offer free incoming calls in many countries. Because (usually) the caller is paying the whole termination! Personally, I don't know how Enlinea & Co. can offer their cheap rates to +423 663. In my opinion, they pay more for the call than they get from their customers. If O2 UK has "unclusive minutes" to +423 663, then it is a "mix-calculation" and they hope, that not too many people call there....

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