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Default 2 Week Vacation in UK - 19-04-2010, 02:47

Heading off to the Glastonbury festival in the UK at the end of June.
We want to have a mobile phone for emergency calls only. I was thinking of picking up a cheap GSM phone off of Ebay and just picking up a Sim card when we arrive in the UK.

We wont have much time to look around when we arrive and would like to have it all lined up prior to arriving.

There are places at the festival to charge your electronics, so we should be all set for he 5 days we are there. We would need voicemail with whichever plan we choose.

My thoughts are the phone can stay shut off and we can turn it on to check messages a few times during the day. SMS may be a good idea if the cost isnt unreasonable.

So suggestions for an inexpensive phone and a SIM card/Service for the UK are appreciated.

Are there places at the airports where you can rent a phone for 2 weeks?
Would this be a better option based on my usage?

We wouldn't require use of the phone again, so after the 2 weeks in the UK whatever phone we may buy, would go back on Ebay or collect dust in my retired cell phone museum.
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