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Default Some background - 16-11-2010, 17:13

Originally Posted by Schlips1 View Post
The french part is beloning to France but starting 10th of October 2010 the "netherland" part may be seen as an independent country.
To be correct: Sint Maarten (The Dutch part) used to be a part of the Netherlands Antilles. On 10-10-2010 the Netherlands Antilles were dissolved and the islands of Sint Maarten and Curacao became separate but not independent countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The other islands of the former Netherlands Antilles (Saba, Sint Eustatius and Bonaire) don't have that 'status aparte' and are now a kind of special Caribbean communities of the Netherlands. But to my disappointment the EU rules on roaming do not (yet?) apply to these islands. Also Dutch telecom providers don't have towers in what is known as "Caribbean Netherlands".
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