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Bylo - when you mention that the Germany SIM Card costs €60, you forgot to mention that is not an empty SIM that costs €60. The German SIM that costs €60 comes with flat rate 5GB 3G speed internet and €5 call balance included in the price. also offer a 1GB German SIM for 29,90.

These prices also includes activation and registration of the SIM card, which is a manual process that requires that you understand German language. We also provide instructions in english with all SIMs (that we've translated ourselves - if you buy it locally you won't get that for most destinations).

The same goes with the US SIM that includes flat rate calls, data and up to 20 hours of international calls.

You are making a mistake comparing these SIM-cards, with empty SIM cards that is for good reason cheaper.

Some SIMs on are from MVNOs, that's right. But most are not.
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