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Default 20-06-2019, 09:47

My UK Toggle SIM is fine as well. Receiving and sending calls works.

Toggle Mobile customer service told me that they are trying to solve the problem with the web site. Recharging is supposed to work by phone contacting the customer service (321 or 0044 2071 3223 22).

Toggle/Lyca normally respect the EU roaming regulation although they don't publish that. For calls, the UK domestic price is valid in all EU countries, so charging 0,03/minute to all EU mobile and geographical numbers.

One could expect from that, that the UK data bundles also work throughout the whole EU:
500 MB 5 Dial *141*5000# OR Send text to 3536 by typing 5000.
1 GB 7,50 Dial *141*7500# OR Send text to 3536 by typing 7500.
2 GB 10 Dial *141*1000# OR Send text to 3536 by typing 1000.

I have not tested it however.
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