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Default Telecel MX - free roaming option in USA and Canada - 09-11-2015, 03:21

It's been out a while but I haven't seen it mentioned here: Telcel Mexico have a new prepaid option: "Amigo Óptimo Plus Sin Frontera".

Free incoming calls in Mexico, USA, and Canada. Same price to make calls whether you're in Mexico, USA or Canada, calling any of those countries (from 0.98 to 1.98 MXN / US 6 - 12c per minute, depending on how much you recharge each month).

Outbound texts are 0.98 MXN / 6c, data is 1.98 MXN / 12c per MB, again from any of the three countries.

Minimum reload to keep the account alive is 100 pesos every 60 days (so US $3/month). One downside: Telcel only roams on T-mobile in the US now, rather than AT&T.

I use this sim in combination with a Localphone account where I have incoming numbers in Canada ($3/mo), US and UK ($1/mo each). I answer that on (or call from) VOIP when indoors, and it forwards to the Mexican mobile with this tariff when I'm out of wi-fi range, at a forwarding cost of 6c/min.

Works well for my low voice-only usage - I can be reached on the same phone from local numbers in 4 countries, I pay 0-6c/min in, 12c/min out to US, Canada, Mexico, when not on VOIP, and total cost is around $8/mo.

BTW, Movistar (the other main Mexico carrier) do have a "call from the US at the same rate" promotion at the moment, but they charge (at the same rate) for incoming while roaming, and don't cover Canada.

(Edit: there's a typo in Telcel in the subject, but I don't see any way to edit that).

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