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Originally Posted by tux View Post
If you buy the Tru SIM in the USA, you'll get local rates in USA for free.
And in a couple of months they're going to make available their service in Spain. I've read on their forum that Spain will be a Tru country by April...
That's 2 weeks too late for us. Will be there next week. I know France is on their list to do as well - but it will probably be after we will be there in June.
Obviously I don't need to use them here. Also, to get "local" rates, you have to pay a $15/mo. fee. I mainly got this for insurance just in case the need ever arises to make calls when not on wifi.

Tux - Thanks, again for your review of abroadband. I wish I could have bought that. They did do a post a response to me on Facebook stating they are new and, for now, just ship to a few countries.
Tru does have killer data rates in their "home" countries. As Tru expands, they would give abroadband serious competition.

Make use of T-M's UMA/wifi free calling from any place in the world with access to wifi. I use an LG G6, wife an S7)
A/o Oct 20, 2013 no need for intl prepaid as T-Mobile U.S. includes voice roaming at 20/min (in and out)., unlimited text (in and out), and unlimited data in 140+ countries.

My Plan -[6 lines] U.S. T-Mobile unlimited minutes (incoming and outgoing), unlimited text, fast data on each line. that $145/mo. total! . (In U.S. no surcharge for calling a cell.) If a line exceeds 2G of data in a month, pay $10 more for that line. [That only happens a couple times/year.
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