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Default Any question? - 21-01-2011, 05:36

Originally Posted by rfranzq View Post
I will now take a short breath and register the SIM and charge the battery.
I activated the SIM with no problem--in fact, the very first phone number/area code [Calif] that I choose--it was the area code I wanted and the number had a pattern. [If you are choosing a Tru number, if you don't like the one you got, choose another state and then choose the state you want again. You may have to do it a lot to get the area code you want, and if you are picky about the number keep doing it! Eventually, you will choose one. A quick way to go is choose DC, CT or WV which do not have numbers available and then go back to the state of your choice.]

As I said before the Tru SIM has a $15.00 balance and a one month 'membership.'

If you have questions about the phone, please ask. Some one is bidding on a lot of them.
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