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Default 15-04-2012, 15:19

Never say "It can't get any worse.". Fast forward more than one month, nothing really changed: older non-existent plans still present on Vodafone's web page while the actual plan is nowhere to be seen, you still need to call each week the customer service to activate the weekly internet (and there's no monthly) but now there was a twist: they just couldn't activate it. Opened a trouble ticket, of course nobody bothered to call back. I continued to call until at some point they were able to activate it, after more than two days (keep in mind this is for weekly, even worse if you need it for monday-friday and they can't activate it for the first two days).

We really, really need some acceptable data roaming plans, at least for EU, each country has a different nonsense, I'm really getting tired of it.
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