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Originally Posted by peterdoo View Post
Another reason, why to change to Dutch VF SIM would be if you need to call from Germany to other EU countries. While German CallYa does not include those calls within the packs, the VF NL probably does.
Yes, I thought about this 3rd option too. BTW. I can confirm included allowances to 3rd countries on the Dutch VF SIM too (I called an Irish number on the Dutch SIM while roaming in Germany).

Calling rates on roaming are regulated, foreign calles are not. So calling on a German SIM in Germany abroad (unregulated) is more expensive than on a Dutch SIM in Germany abroad (capped by regulations).
The flip side however is being called: Using a Dutch SIM in Germany is much more expensive for a caller from Germany than to a local SIM.

Well, I've tried to present both options on the WIKI equally. I think they are the best options around for EU roaming on a monthly basis.
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