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Originally Posted by dg7feq View Post
Will be very interested to read the result of your test. If that works i will definitely buy a Vodafone NL next time i'm over the border to buy some coffee pads
Hi. I've concluded my testing about Vodafone NL in Germany. It follows the same pattern as German Vodafone CallYa SIM cards: included allowances can be used for roaming without surcharges.

You can see the comparison at the bottom of this site:

As you are from Germany and surely know the new Vodafone roaming rules for CallYa already, I can only think of two reasons why to change to Dutch VF SIM:
- you need Switzerland included
. you need a 4G data-only SIM (in Germany you have the choice between original VF with combo packs on 4G or resellers with data-only too, but on 3G only)

But the VF NL SIM is not very widely available on the internet so far. In contrast to Germany, vendors only sell it for a premium. But in the NL you can get it still freely without registration for free.

*bliep and Tele2 can be an alternative in the NL too. It has now been confirmed to me that on *blieb you can get the 1GB for 10 roaming package without having a domestic base plan booked before (on the white plan).

For more info check the WIKI. The last of my roaming tests will be a Tesco UK SIM for their holiday promotion in a few weeks, which may be extended or not...
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