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Originally Posted by inquisitor View Post
Can't answer your last question but at Heathrow there is a total of nine SIM card vending machines, which offer the following SIM cards: Vendpoint?
Thanks for you reply inquisitor.
I'm arriving at Gatwick airport but I imagine Vendpoint machines will be there too.
This Vodafone sim pack was listed and looks good for me: 250mb standard Data sim packs - Lasts up to 1 month - 10 (pre-activated)

As I will continue my travels into Europe, I will also need to buy another pre-paid sim from a T-mobile shop, because they give me the option to buy "Broadband Travel Boosters" eg: 50MB Booster for 10 (30 day expiry).... and is available on "Pay As You Go" which suits me.
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