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Default Italy voice/data recommendation? am on information overload! - 17-06-2009, 08:52

Good Morning. First time poster, apologies in advance for anything where an apology would be warranted...

I'm traveling to Italy next month, 12 days, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terra. Will have my laptop and two jailbroken iphones (mine and my wife's).

I'm wondering what the best data/voice strategy is, given my short stay and use needs. Overall, I want to make infrequent in-country and home-country (USA) calls as well as use our iphones for email, web-browsing, etc. and use my laptop for normal business use, without paying exorbitant rates. BTW, our phones have Skype (which with the jailbreak can be used on both Edge/GPRS and 3G as well as wifi) so this can offload some of demand...

I'm comfortable with using hotel internet access and/or local hotspots, though it might be cool to have a unified solution where I could use my iPhone as a wireless modem... (am pretty sure I can get an jailbroken app to do that...) And, I'm comfortable with having Italian #s while we're there...

Overall, I think I should be comparing my local provider's (AT&T) international roaming and data plans: AT&T International | Wireless from AT&T, formerly Cingular

with the in-country offers at PrePaidGSM: Italy

it seems that WIND is the best deal PrePaidGSM: Wind (Italy)

but there are SOOOO many options there - I'm totally on information overload and could use some guidance...

given my needs, what WIND plan(s) should I choose? And, do I have an option to get the #s before I leave, so I can share with family who might need to reach me in an emergency?

Thanks in advance!

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