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Default 11-11-2005, 17:34

Quick Facts
Country: Greece
Network Name: Q-Telecom
Product Name: Q-Card 1
Owned by/Major partners: Q-Telecom
Operational Frequency: GSM 1800 and GSM 900 through roaming
Prepaid Package Cost (Just SIM): 19 Euro
Prepaid Package Validity: 18 months from activation of SIM
CSD access: No
GPRS access: No
EDGE access: No
SIM applications: Yes (Named "MyQ")
Manual included: Yes (Greek)
Refill amounts: 5, 10, 20 euro
Availability: Authorized Q-Telecom resellers in Greece
Competitors: Vodafone, TIM, Cosmote

More In-Depth Information

The Good:
There are quite a few other authorized dealers that have sprung up since Q initially started business and it it easy to locate them on Q's website, their english website version seems good enough (at least to me). You might notice that resellers outside of Athens might include a lot of "ACS" stores. This is a UPS and FedEx like company in Greece (I think they partner with UPS for international). When you buy the package, you can choose your own number, how's that for customizability?

The Bad:
Initially, the only authorized Q-telecom dealers in Greece are located in Athens and Thesalloniki. Since you most likely be arriving by plane, this will most likely not be a problem. The problem has been addressed since. Even though they sell nationwide, it is still easier to find and purchase a Vodafone, TIM or Cosmote package than Q.

The Good:
In major cities like Athens and Thessaloniki Q has their own network and it is pretty good in terms of coverage (side note: it runs on GSM 1800 - coverage based on what their website says - not personal usage). Prices are quite good! In comparison, it seems to have some very decent international rates and pretty low national rates. This is a cheap service, but it doesn't skimp on the extras. You get voicemail included with prepaid and you have the ability to switch the language (good for non Greek speakers). The SIM application, called "MyQ" have sections on the Stock Market, Entertainment, News, Weather, Sports, Horoscope, Ship schedules, Lotto, ringtones, images and Greek Holidays (just in case you are wondering why Athens is so empty on August 25th lol). In terms of validity of time, your card is valid for 18 months from the time of activation. When you top-off it seems like the you expand your validity period (by how much I do not know).

The Bad:
Q is somewhat new to the game and does not have any global roaming partners yet, so if you wish to use up all your credit, do it in Greece because you will not be able to do it elsewhere. Coverage in Greece in non-major cities is the same as Vodafone's coverage (side note: runs on GSM 900), so it runs more like a virtual network rather than an actual network. The SIM cart is reported to be using "java Technology" and to have "large capacity" however you still only store up to 30 SMS and 200 numbers (so this is similar to all other SIMs these days - nothing new). The main thing that would prevent me from using Q as my service provider is the fact that they do not yet provide CSD and/or GPRS access. I suppose if you have your own service provider you can dial-up, but Q does not offer it natively, a price to pay for lower calling prices I guess - hopefully things will be better once Q further develops their own network.

1) If you wish to buy a Q-telecom package know where you are going to buy it prior to leaving your place of origin!
2) Consider whether or not you want GPRS access prior to buying into Q

Q-Telecom seems to have a great package if what you want is voice communication. For "seasoned" users that can't bear to be offline Q is not the optimal package.

NOTE: Q-Telecom has been bought by the owners of TIM Greece. While they are still in operation as of Nov 11 2005, We do not know if their operations will continue separate of TIM, or if they will merge

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