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Angry After United Mobile - 05-01-2009, 18:06

The only real options seems to be the iom sims.

GT-Sim is not an option, just because of this:

How long will the card and the balance on the account remain valid (only for Prepaid customers)?
If there are no calling activities within a period of 3 months, a rental charge of Euro 9,95 for the number will be automatically deducted from teh account. To avoid these charges simply top up your account by Euro 25.00 and the life time of your number will be extended for another 3 month at a time. If you would add another Euro 100.00 your life time of your number would be extended for another 12 month.

Estionian sims are nice but I just don't like the access number and can be hard to reach using voip providers.
09 iceland, same problem calling direct. Yackie, what more needs to be said, so many changes that you can't keep up exchanging sims.

So not many real working alternatives anymore.

That said um +44 outside the eu might still be a lot cheaper than using your standard sim. But it's nices to have 1 sim for where you are going, not having to swtich card every country you visit.

I have ordered the easyroam card, will hopefully get it today and enjoy free roaming again. UM is really pricing themselves out of the market this way. But the biggest question is, why did they do this. Was it needed to cover increasing network cost ? were they making to little money ? Time will tell.
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