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Living in a small country I take 1-3 vacations in Europe every year.

As roaming charges are extremely expensive I take a multiband phone with at least 3G, preferably LTE, compatible with the European bands, and buy a local prepaid SIM card with 1-3 GB data which usually are far more than I need for a 1 week vacation. The data package is very useful for two reasons:

1. It allows me to be in contact with my family from almost everywhere for free, using Skype, Whatsapp or any other VoIP and IM service.

2. I surf the web to plan the trip, check weather, check the news etc., even if there is no WiFi service at the hotel.

I usually buy the SIM card at the airport immediately after I arrive and inform my sons of the phone number, so they can find me even if VoIP does not work for any reason.
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