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Originally Posted by powerlifter
I too would like to say nice job could not have said it better myself.*

If you buy a local sim you may have voicemail problems. That is one reason I got a UK vodaphone.* I know if you get vodaphone germany the voice prompts are in german. This can not be changed though the rest of your phone can be in your desired language.
OTOH local SIMs offer cheap or sometimes even free retrieving of voicemail.

And more remarks.

4. "Toll free" access numbers may not be really free or fully available.
E.g. 00800 (international toll free numbers) which seem to be very popular as access numbers in Poland for non-Polish calling cards (or other services of that kind) are not free. You must pay a flat "per call" rate from landlines and payphones or national off-net rate from Orange prepaids. Those numbers are not available from other GSM prepaids.

5. As to Europe, inbound calls with local SIMs are free in all the countries except Russia which is changing only now its "billing rules" to "Calling Party Pays"
When using local SIM, inbound SMSes and MMSes are free in Europe and usually free elsewhere.
Inbound SMSes are usually free also in roaming.

7. For any European country you can find an international card with free incoming calls but no international card has free incoming calls in all European countries.
International cards may have no coverage in some European countries (mainly eastern Europe: Estonia, Belarus, Moldova but also Jersey, IoM or Faeroe)
There are problems with SMS interchange with 09 and Hop SIMs.
Some international cards don't support data transmission.
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