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Default Devices which require replaceable SIM - 08-03-2015, 00:41

When you buy a new or used device which requires a repaceable SIM, like the mf 96, if you buy it used you must buy a SIM card for it and replace the SIM, so you can register the device on your data plan with your carrier. If you buy it new, your carrier will generally install a new SIM and activate it for you on the account you used to buy it. If it's new, you just power it on, it's already activated. If it's used, you replace the SIM with the one you bought, install it according to the instructions which came with the SIM card your carrier sent with the SIM. Nowadays the carriers usually register and activate the SIM card before they ship it to you, so you just insert it and power it on like a new device. A couple years ago they'd give you instructions to call their tech support to activate it, but now it's pretty automatic. If you're having problems with activation - and either it's new, or you bought and replaced the SIM already, call the carrier's tech support...they're there to assist.
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