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Default Working with ZTE mf 96 - 08-03-2015, 00:11

Originally Posted by critical View Post
i just got it but wasnt unlocked, it does not work with phone plan that is prepaid so far
I just ordered a used one since TMobile has a $30 / 3GB data plan. I'm a Microsoft Certified Systems Expert. I'll assist you if I can. There is no such thing as "locked" or "unlocked" with a hotspot (or cell phone for that matter) which requires a SIM card. The SIM is what "locks" a cell phone to a carrier in cell phones or hot spots which have built-in SIMs. The mf 96 has a replaceable SIM. So the first question is, did you order a new SIM from your carrier, or are you trying to use a SIM already installed, or do you not even have a SIM for it. The SIM looks like an oversized micro SD card. Open the back cover. By the way, if you don't have the User Guide, get it from Read the section on installing the SIM. Let me know if that's not the problem, I'll check back the web site and maybe you can send me email if it shows, I'm new to this web site....good luck.
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