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Default 2017 Piranha Mobile Sim Card 2017 thread - 03-06-2017, 21:54

2017 Piranha Mobile Sim Card 2017

I think I will start a new thread
to take over for the one started almost 5 years ago
and 44 pages long with over 430 messages.
Thus here we can have more current discussions
and issues addressed.

First issue.
Are any of you noticing issuses/problems receiving
SMS to the UK phone number??
I don't seem to get the SMS delivered to the UK number
from non-US SIM cards. For instance, Smart [Philipines] and
UK based cards ekit and Three [WorldSim also but not tested recently].

Piranha says that the UK number should not be used
but it works when I send the UK number a SMS from a Truphone,
Lycamobile, Piranha [shows from the US number]
and from the Piranha website.
Send an SMS to a Piranha SIM
This page works with both the UK and US numbers.
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