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Default 15-08-2008, 11:23

Sounds like you may have a UK address. If you do, you can get the sims for free and just have it mailed to you.

Originally Posted by ThunderShock2005 View Post
Hey guys

Ummm I saw these T-Mobile UK SIM Cards on eBay.

I'm not going to Europe anytime soon at all but all I want is to have a +44 cellphone to put on facebook lol and I wanna go prank call some friends lol

Plus I heard my friends in England and Wales can text me and I won't be charged. That's important to me because they can text me at home rates. (I really do miss my high school friends and it's been barely a couple of months since graduation lol)

So I was wondering what you guys think.

Should I buy the SIM Card? (I really want a +44 number lol) And if I buy the SIM Card, how do I activate it from within the United States?


Sorry btw, new to the forum, just found this thread on google.

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