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Originally Posted by international View Post
Could you enlighten me the business model of Three UK?
The 321 plan offer you 1 GB of data for 10 quid, no time limit.
On the other hand you can purchase a the same 1 GB data for 10.49 and it will be valid for a month only. What's the deal?
The 321 is a phone tariff, while the 1 GB for a month is intended as a data bundle for a dongle or 3g router etc, although it will work in a phone (probably not for incoming calls on the phone number itself, though separate VoIP can be used).

You might conclude so why bother with the 1 GB bundle, but the data SIMs can be found cheaper, sometimes on eBay or Amazon, or apparently just at the moment for 2.99 in Currys/PCWorld (in store only). The bundle is prepaid on there and activates on first use. Then it's cheaper to use another SIM next month ...

There used to be a referral way of getting the 1GB SIM for a net negative price, but this stopped a few months ago - which is probably why prices on eBay and Amazon are about treble what they were, so for now PC World looks like the place to go.

For you personally, if your likely use is still similar to when you started the thread, then Three's 321 looks the best option, given that a couple of interesting mvno brands (Ovivo and Samba) have closed down.

For other readers who want more data, Three also has a 3 GB for up to 3 months bundle, and these SIMs can be bought via eBay etc for about 20 (formerly about 7), or for now the 6 GB for 3 months bundle on EE can be found slightly cheaper.

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