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Originally Posted by international View Post
So I need a phone number + light data use, I don't look for a data only deal.

As I see in the UK a 500 MB a month data for 5 GBP is quite common but carriers don't seem to sell you less. For me it would be enough even 100, 50 or heck, even 10 MB for a moth or heck even for a year.

Is there such a provider who caters for this low data use in the age of high data consuming smartphones?
It's not compulsory to have a bundle added.

For occasional use some charge a minimum per day, like 30 pence for up to a certain amount, and some pro rata from even a small amount.

You might try Three, 11 pence a megabyte, or giffgaff, which is 20 pence for up to 20 megabytes, but pro rata for the first megabyte. So 50 kB is a penny, 1 MB 20p, 10 MB 20p.
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