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Originally Posted by rfranzq View Post
Uh. Will that Sprint Touch Pro 2 even work in Europe?? Does it have the right frequencies/bands?? Is it unlocked?? I am not even sure I know the right questions to ask??
Yes, the Sprint Touch Pro 2 was made for travel to Europe. Came with a SIM for Sprint worldwide service, but they have gotten very expensive. They used to have an unlimited data plan that was very reasonable. Phone bands are GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and UMTS 900/2100 for 3G. It came unlocked and is only blocked from US GSM carriers. To test it in the US I would have to unlock and flash a radio.

Thanks for the offer. I'm not sure how much I'll need, but would like to be around 100MB per day to be safe. Only a few days in each country, but they all seem to be monthly plans. Maybe less in Amsterdam since it seems so easy to get around. I thought that Thalys had wifi on the trains? If so I'd only be using the data in the city. Perhaps I'll just save on shipping by getting the card in Amsterdam. Are there any mobile stores at the airport?

Thank you for the help. Been trying to piece this together so I don't have any surprises. So the Three card activates itself and the Orange I type #123# and go through the menu to select Internet Max. Maybe I was just making it out to be more difficult than it is.

Since I'll probably have some usage left on the cards, is it advisable to sell the remaining time? Is there any issue with it being connected to me? Figured I could come back and sell them for cheap so there isn't any waste.
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