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Default 01-11-2010, 05:26

Saw that. The outbound call hibernation time appears to be longer than before. Think it was originally only 7 days, now it's 10 to 28 days.

I just got a 4 sim phone and put the ekit sim in position 3. Will see how long it lasts until it hibernates(made a test call on Saturday). If a long enough time period might make a longer call every now and then to keep the US outgoing calls live without doing the reactivation button routine.

The US calling ability intrigues me because it allows (at least in theory) roaming on any US GSM system including minor carriers (my AT&T and T-Mo mvno prepaid sims probably don't allow or limit off-network roaming), roaming at reasonable rates in Canada, and the ability to receive calls outside North America on the US number.

Going on vacation mid-Dec to mid-Jan. Last part of vacation in Grand Cayman so will use the ekit sim card to save money on calls home. Will add money before I go there so that should take care of the 15 month refill requirement (last time I refilled was in March in Nevis).

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