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Lebara isn't that attractive due to their connection fee of € 0,15 per call. A Fonic SIM would probably have been cheaper for voice calls and it would have provided fair data tariffs.

If that 0800 number is unavailable through Lebara, it won't be reachable from any other mobile operator.

A Nokia E51 is great to use with poivy.

Here's how to set it up after creating an account with poivy:
  1. Create a new access profile for your WiFi network as described here

  2. Go to Tools / Settings / Connection / SIP settings. Create the following profile:
    Profile Name: Poivy
    Profile: IETF Default
    Access point: (your WiFi access point created in step 1)
    Public user name:
    Use Compression: No
    Registration: on demand
    Use Security: No

  3. Leave Proxy Server Settings as they are.

  4. Enter the following for Registrar Server settings:
    Registrar Server:
    User Name: your-poivy-username
    Password: your-poivy-password
    Transport Type: Auto
    Port: 5060

  5. Go back to the main menu and then to connection / Internet Tel. Settings:
    Create a new profile for "poivy", name it "poivy" again
    In Connectivity / Internet tel. / Preferred profile
    Choose "poivy"

  6. Now after dialing a number don't pick up, but chose "Options" and hit "Internet Call". A small icon (cross with a padlock) should indicate the WiFi connection is established and another icon (globe with an earpiece) should show that the call is placed over VoIP.

You can also have poivy to show any of one of your existing numbers as callerID (no matter if your German Lebara number or your US mobile number). Therefore you need install the PoivY software on your PC, go to "Tools / Options / General" and click "edit my PoivY profile". Under "Phonenumbers" enter your phone number(s) in international format (starting with +1 for US numbers or +49 for German numbers) and hit "Verify now!" in order to perform the verification process (a verification code will show up on your computer screen followed by a phone call to the number subject to verification, which you need to answer in order to enter the verification code). After the verification succeeded repeat step 2 (above) and change the "Public user name" to: phone-number-in-internation-format-with,
e.g. if your US number is 212-1234567 you need to enter
or if your German number is 0157712345678 you need to enter
After this poivy will show the verfied and configured number as callerID when you place outgoing calls.

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