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Default American Student Studying in France - 25-08-2014, 16:47

Hello all,

I am a university student that will be studying in Lille, France for three months (January 2015-March 2015).

I'm really new to understanding how SIM cards work and what my options are, so please excuse my lack of technical knowledge and lexicon.

I currently have a Verizon iPhone 5. I want to have domestic calling, text, and data while in France. I don't particularly care for call and text back to the States.

So, here are a few questions.

When one buys a SIM card, what do it mean that you buy credit as well? Do you pay for a certain amount of usage upfront?

If I were to travel within the EU, but outside of France, will I still be able to use the same SIM card or do I need to have a different card per country?

What are the best available options?

I would love to sift through all of your experiences and reports and I really appreciate all of you for posting, however I need to understand some of the basic information before I can dive into all your technical discussions.

Thanks for your help!

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